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Getting Ready to Use the ROOT

The following resources have been developed to support services with becoming ready to implement the ROOT:


ROOT-ready flowchart 

This flowchart has been developed to guide members through the typical sequence of steps involved in implementation, but this will vary from service to service. 

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Last updated: September 2019


ROOT Briefing Pack

This document provides a high-level overview of the ROOT and the opportunities for getting involved in the phased roll-out.

Last updated: August 2019




ROOT Information Governance Pack

This document has been developed to support speech and language therapy services with understanding legal requirements and local policy regarding information governance and data security legislation.

Last updated: July 2019




Data specification for compatibility with the ROOT

This document has been developed to support those opting to use the upload method and sets out the requirements for local databases to be compatible with the ROOT.

Last updated: July 2019





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