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What's new for 2021?

  • Read the latest Research & Outcomes Forum in the new look Bulletin magazine: 'Evaluating Disruption'. RCSLT members can read the Bulletin online (April 2021 issue, pp. 48-49)
  • The following article has recently been published in Frontiers in Neurology: Impact of COVID-19 on the speech and language therapy profession and their patients - available at here 

A snapshot from 2020

  • Take a look at this article about the ROOT, published in the BMJ Health & Care Informatics: Outcome measurement in speech and language therapy: a digital journey 
  • Tune in to a recent RCSLT podcast in which Vicky Styles and Catherine Hale talk about the use of the ROOT in AAC services
  • Listen to Pam Enderby talk in this podcast about outcome measurement, the RCSLT Online Outcome Tool and big data. Tune in from 13 minutes to hear specifically about these areas. 
  • Download the presentation given by RCSLT at this year's TOMs CONNECT conference: Putting the 'ROOT' into 'ROOTine' data collection 

Other resources and references 

  • WebinarAre you ROOT Ready - The value of the RCSLT Online Outcome Tool 

  • PresentationThe value of  outcome measurement in speech and language therapy services

  • Article: Enderby, P. and K. Moyse (2018). "International classification of Functioning—An approach to outcome measurement." Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups 3(17): 99-108.
  • BlogRESNET SLT - Measuring outcomes 


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