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Your experiences implementing TOMs and the ROOT

We would love to hear about your experiences of implementing TOMs and the ROOT in your service. Whether you are just getting started, or now in a position to use the data you have collected to inform the way you deliver your service, please share your story! 

This can be in any format, such as a slide from a recent presentation, a poster, or using our case study template.

Take a look at some examples, here

Demonstrating the value of collecting and using data in speech and language therapy

We would love to showcase your experiences of using data (from TOMs or ROOT) to drive change and improvements in your service delivery or interventions. 

Again, this can be in any format, but we have developed a second case study template to guide your thinking. The template contains a list of questions that we think it would be useful for others to know, but you are welcome to share with us the information that you think is most crucial. 

Send your case study to root@rcslt.org 


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