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Therapy Outcome Measures

ROOT training module 2: Direct data entry

This module is relevant for those using the direct data entry method. Those using the data upload method should take a look at Module 3.




 1. Adding a patient

This shows you how to add a new patient to the ROOT. Click here






 2. Adding an episode of care

Here, we walk you through adding a new episode of care for a patient already entered on the ROOT, and entering the first rating. Click here




 3. Closing an episode of care

In this video, we show how to enter the final TOMs rating and close an episode of care. Click here









4. Editing a rating 

This clip shows how to edit a TOMs rating that has been previously entered on the ROOT. Click here.  









5. Deleting a rating 

In this video, we show how to delete a TOMs rating that has been entered in error on the ROOT. Click here





To download a handout, please click here.

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