RCSLT Online Outcome Tool

Therapy Outcome Measures

Optional ROOT fields

To support speech and language therapy services with collecting and analysing meaningful outcomes data, there are a number of optional fields that have been added to the ROOT and can be activated for use by services who wish to use them. 

The optional fields that are currently available are provided in the table, below. This list will develop over time in response to feedback from SLT services and in response to the changing environment. Please contact root@rcslt.org should you wish to activate any of these fields for your service. 


Optional field



Method of service delivery

To record whether interventions were delivered:

  •        Face to face (in-person) only
  •        Remote only
  •        Mixed (face to face and remote)


Direction of care (formerly 'care pathway')

To record whether the objective of the episode of care is to:

  •       Improve 
  •       Sustain 
  •      Manage decline


AAC: Supporting equipment use

To record the context of support for the client using AAC. Please refer to page 266 of the Therapy Outcome Measure User Guide for further information.

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