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Therapy Outcome Measures

Case studies

Implementing Therapy Outcome Measures

The New Currency of Services
Carmel Brady, Children's Speech and Language Therapy, YourHealthcare 

Evaluating TOMs data 

Phone, Video and In Person – How Speech and Language Therapy work with Deaf Children and Young People
Liz Rees, Holly Richards & Donna Lewis, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

National AAC Outcome Measures Working Party (England) 

Using Outcome Measures to Develop Your Practice
Sue Koziel, Preschool Services, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Pink, perfuse and clean little mouths! Measuring the impact of paediatric SLT through pilot of new oral hygiene TOM scale
Suck, swallow, suck, swallow, suck, swallow, BREEEEEATHE! Acute SLT management of feeding difficulties related to airway malacia
Paediatric SLT standards go from BLACK to GREEN just by creating a Tracheostomy Team!
Speech and Language Therapy, The Royal London Children's Hospital

Other types of clinical data

Visit the RCSLT Outcome Measures pages to see more examples of how SLTs are using their routine clinical data to drive quality improvements in their services. 

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